Why is Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging Better than Traditional Cleaning Methods to Kill COVID?

With COVID surging and multiple strands of the virus coming out, households and businesses in West Palm Beach, Florida and all over America are scrambling to help maintain the safety and wellness of family and employees. When home, office buildings and commercial properties get lots of foot traffic, the chance of spreading COVID increases, and as a result there is more pressure on homeowners and businesses to invest in COVID cleaning services. But with so many cleaning methods and companies that claim to kill COVID, who can you trust to actually get the job done right?

First of all, cold sterilization dry fogging in West Palm Beach by Titan Remediation is the only COVID cleaning method guaranteed to kill 100% of the virus. No other type of cleaning service in Palm Beach County or all of Florida can make this claim. This article will explain who dry fogging is the best option when it comes to killing COVID.

Dry Fogging Kills 100% COVID, All Viruses, Aerosol Particles, Pathogens, Mold Spores and Germs

The COVID virus, as well as all other viruses, mold spores, and dangerous pathogens don’t simply settle on a single surface. They are airborne, can travel up to the ceiling, enter your ventilation system, settle in between the cracks of your floorboards, and even get into the crevices of a computer keyboard. That said, traditional wipe-down cleaning services using spray solutions that kill COVID won’t truly kill all presence of viruses in a room, leaving people vulnerable and ultimately causing the person paying for the service to lose money.

On the other hand, dry fogging kills everything because it goes everywhere COVID goes. When sprayed the fog covers everything, and goes into the tiniest cracks and crevices. In fact, dry fogging is so powerful at sterilizing rooms that once the service is completed, rooms are left as sterile as a medical clean room.

Dry Fogging is Fast to Perform

Traditional COVID cleaning services take a long time. To clean a 2000 square foot home you are looking at half a day with a team of three people. To clean a 10,000 square foot business, this can take several days. However, to completely sterilize a 2000 square foot home with dry fogging services in West Palm Beach, it will take about 20 minutes, and to clean a 10,000 square foot office building, it will take an hour or two. This is one of the biggest reasons why dry fogging is the best COVID cleaning service, as it can get completed in a timely manner without disrupting business or family life.

Dry Fogging Removed Property Damage Risks

Traditional COVID cleaning poses risks in one’s home or business. The moisture has been known to leave marks on wood surfaces, damage electronics, ruin furniture, and even lead to a mold problem due to cleaners not drying all of the sprayed areas. However, like its name suggests, dry fogging has no moisture, so there is no need to worry about items being damaged. This hydrogen peroxide based fog is also safe for people, pets, and plants. Finally, you don’t need to spend hours moving out furniture and other things to prepare for COVID cleaning when you invest in dry fogging.

Call a dry fogging company in West Palm Beach today, and play your part in keeping your friends, family and colleagues safe from viruses.

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