What Is The Best Season To Have My Windows Replaced?

It’s true that windows and doors don’t seem like an exciting home improvement, but there are some reasons to replace windows before winter. Here are five ways that spring is the best time to have your windows replaced.

1) Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning extends into the home as well, and if you’re looking for a reason to give your windows a fresh look, early spring is the perfect timing for this project.  Remove everything from the window sills and cover them with paper or plastic drop cloths before beginning work on any of these projects.  When choosing new window treatments for your house, think about colors and patterns; lighter tones can make rooms appear larger than they actually are whereas dark tones will create the illusion of more space.

2) Weather

Windows will be exposed to the elements for a shorter period of time in early spring, and they can get damaged by storms and other weather-related hazards. Skip the stress and replace them before winter; not only will you get to enjoy newly painted windows that look great but your home’s windows will be safe from harsh weather conditions that can cause damage.

If you want to improve the overall atmosphere in the house, you should consider all the doors and windows replaced with new ones.

3) New Windows For Sale

New windows for sale are available every season of the year, but if you’re looking for low prices on new windows then consider buying them in the early spring months when businesses and manufacturers offer discounts and incentives to buy window products before summer hits.  Many people choose this option because it saves them money, so timing your project with sales seasons will help you to get the most out of your replacement windows.

4) Less Crowded Stores

The most popular time to have windows installed is around April or May, so stores are less crowded with window shoppers during these months compared with the spring and summer months.  You’ll be able to take your time looking at the options at hardware stores, pick out a great windows style without being rushed by other customers, and work one-on-one with store employees who are there specifically to help in your decision.  Plus, early spring is still before many busy seasons, so it can be a quiet but stress-free experience at local home improvement stores. This is seriously helpful if you’re a busy parent with little ones trying to complete this project.

5)  Window Replacement Is Still Affordable

Many people think that they have to wait until summer or even fall to afford it for their home, but if you know where to look and when to buy, windows are still very affordable in early spring.  Now is the time to begin your window replacement project so that you can enjoy all of the benefits above as soon as possible.

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