What Are The Main Plumbing Fittings

As its name suggests, the seal is ensured by crushing the pipe on the fitting. The crushing being carried out thanks to a nut, a compression fitting, requires only an open-end wrench of the right size to be fitted.

A little more complex to assemble than a compression fitting, sealing is ensured by crimping the fitting on the PEX pipe. This fitting requires a crimp tool.

It is the most reliable of the PEX fittings. It is used, among other things, in heating circuits where the seal must be perfect and durable. Relatively complex to assemble, this type of fitting requires know-how and suitable equipment (flaring and sliding pliers).

The automatic fitting does not require special knowledge or equipment like the compression fitting. The assembly is carried out thanks to a clip which is then blocked using a nut. Very easy to assemble, it remains the least resistant of the PEX fittings.

Vent PVC refers to a PVC not designed to withstand internal pressure; the flow is therefore done by gravity. This type of PVC is found in sinks, washbasins, showers, bathtubs, and toilets. These fittings are mounted by gluing (special PVC glue) to constitute an evacuation network, thus ensuring a rigid and watertight assembly.

Unlike evacuation PVC, pressure PVC (as its name suggests) supports an internal pressure within a certain limit according to its characteristics (most often 16 bars maximum) and with sensor such as Bapi Sensors – Midwest Supply for example. It can therefore be used in the water supply. To build a pressure PVC network, there are also all kinds of fittings (elbows, sleeves, tees, reductions, screw fittings, valves, non-return valves, etc.).

These fittings from Midwest Supply for example are mounted either by gluing (in the case of a male/female interlocking) or by screwing in the case of a valve or a non-return valve, a union fitting, etc.

How To Choose Your Solder Fittings

There are elbows of different angles, the most common being 27°, 45°, and 90°. They are encased so that the copper pipe fits inside for brazing. For ease of assembly, copper elbows to be welded are mainly used in renovation or during repairs. It is easier and more reliable in a new installation to directly bend the copper pipe (annealed copper crown) with a pipe bender. The elbows are of the same diameter.

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