Types Of Carpet Cleaning Techniques

As you get consumed in looking for the best carpet cleaning machines, you also need to look into the various carpet cleaning techniques. This will ensure you know how to use the device you have bought. You don’t want to buy a machine and destroy it because you used it the wrong way. Carpet Cleaning Brentwood should follow the steps too.

The various carpet cleaning techniques are;

  1. Hot water extraction cleaning

The hot water extraction process is also known as the steam carpet cleaning process since it uses high-pressure hot water to agitate the fibres on the carpets. This process mainly involves applying cleaning agents on the stained surface as you mix the rug and brush off any dirt on the mat. Once you have done this, allow the cleaning agent to settle on the carpet before washing it. After washing away the cleaning agent, allow your carpet to dry before putting it in the house entirely. If you have a firm, the best time for your carpet to get cleaned is in the afternoon.

  1. Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing has been used for a long period. This is because then technology was not that high and it was the easiest way to get your carpet clean. However, the shampoo used on the carpet usually leaves many residues, which are hard to remove after the drug has finally dried. Moreover, the carpet ends up being sticky all the time.

  1. Bonnet cleaning

This cleaning process is quite good as it cleans the top part of the carpet fibre using heavy-duty motorised equipment that has a spinning pad that has cleaning solutions in it so that it could be able to absorb the dirt on the carpet. This particular process is effective when it comes to cleaning carpets in a hotel since the hotel usually has a lot of rugs that need cleaning, and every room has its situation to be dealt with. However, Bonnet cleaning doesn’t clean the dirt beneath the carpet, and all the land ends up building up again after you have already cleaned the rug. Also, it leads to a lot of chemical residue build-up.

  1. Dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is also known as compound carpet cleaning, and it is becoming trendy. Even many manufacturers are opting for the technique because of its cleaning abilities. Various detergents have also been produced to deal with carpet cleaning procedures.

  1. Encapsulation

Encapsulation is mainly done on filthy carpets; for this technique, a specific foam is usually applied onto the carpet and allowed to bubble; the bubbling traps all the dirt in the carpet, allowing it to move upwards and now all you need to do is to wash away the foam. When you do this, your carpet becomes shiny and very clean. This process uses very little water reducing the drying up process. It would help if you also vacuumed the rug afterwards to remove any dirt remaining dirt.


Everything clean has its own unique technique, and for carpets, you need to follow the methods above to have a clean carpet at the end of the day.

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