Top 6 Alternatives to Painting Your Wall

If you live in a rental apartment, you may realize your interior design ideas are limited to what you can or cannot do. You do not own the house even though you pay monthly rent. Therefore, there are chances you are not allowed to paint the wall to your liking. In such a situation, there are several things you can do to ensure the color of the interior matches your style. The following are alternatives to painting you can try for your interior décor.

  1. Wall Murals

This is a great alternative when painting is not your option. A mural is a covering made from paint or applied directly to the wall. Wallpaper murals are easy to install, and you can choose a pattern or color based on the rest of your interior design. You can pick your favorite photos and have them applied to the wall. However, ensure the murals are removable to avoid painting problems later.

  1. Wallpapers

Removable wallpapers are easy to install. All you need is to peel and stick, and you can enjoy a variety of patterns and colors. Using wallpapers is a great way of making your interior style statement. So, check on the internet for ideas or visit your local interior design store for a demonstration.

  1. Artwork

If you have artwork, consider arranging it on the wall to avoid the painting cost. Here, you may need to use wall hooks to work. Make sure the hooks are removable to avoid drilling holes in the wall. Removable wall hooks don’t need nails or glue. That means you can easily remove them without leaving a trace of your work. Unfortunately, you can only hang the light artwork because the hooks cannot hold a lot of eight. Hanging photos or artwork is one way of making the empty wall look occupied.

  1. Tapestry

As mentioned above, some pieces of artwork can be too heavy to hang on wall hooks. In this case, the best way to give your wall some love with artwork is by using adhesive strips like tapestries. A tapestry is light, and you can hang many photos in different styles. Tapestries are also ideal for hanging fabric on the wall. Other adhesive options include starch. This is also effective, although it can get messy sometimes.

  1. Tile Transfers

If you don’t like the tiles on your bathroom or kitchen wall, this is another makeover you can try to improve the look. Tile stickers are easy to put and help add character to your tiles. It is less costly, and you don’t have to retile your room after that.

  1. Fabric

Maybe you want to give your wall extra texture instead of the fun of colors. It can be a good idea to consider fabric décor to complete it. Stretch a piece of fabric along the wall and use pushpins or tiny nails to secure the perimeter. This is a cool way of covering your wall that your friends will admire.

These are seven alternatives to painting your interior. If the choice of painting is limited due to various factors, using these alternatives will give you the same or better results as painting. So, go through them and choose the most suitable option in your situation.

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