Tips for a Productive Home Office

Remote work is becoming more popular by the day, and now, 16% of companies are working 100% remotely around the world. It means that millions of workers are now adapting to a new reality. While some workers find it difficult to concentrate at home, others can’t just turn off work. If you’re struggling to adapt to the new routine, you’ll find the tips in this article quite helpful.

Discipline Is Freedom

If you’re new to the home office world, feeling lost with so much “free time” is normal. After all, staying at home all the time gives the false impression that you have all the time in the world. Obviously, it isn’t true. If you’re not willing to sacrifice weekends and nights out, your working routine will look pretty much like the one you had in the company’s office.

Be realistic about your working schedule, and never overlook resting times. Take some time to stretch your spine, and stay away from the computer. Gaming apps and platforms such as

casino.netbet.co.uk is great when you want to forget about work for a few minutes, so too is listening to the odd track from Spotify. However, it’s necessary to plan the “office” part of your home for productive working days. Besides, a few tools can make your work easier and safer. Here are the main ones.

Virtual Drives

Virtual drivers are indispensable for group work. All information stored in the cloud can be made available to other group members; no emails are needed. Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are common options for the task and have free versions.

Project Manager

Like virtual drives, project management platforms are mandatory for group work. Managing different teams and tasks without one can be a nightmare or just downright impossible. Again, there are some free and high-quality products in the market. Slack, Harvest, and Trello are among the most used tools for this purpose.


The abbreviation stands for Virtual Private Network. VPNs create secure networks inside existing networks. Every communication inside this network is encrypted, keeping workers and sensitive information safe.

Live It Up

Making your home office space enjoyable can do wonders for your productivity. Make the best use of natural light, though beware: the sun can damage your equipment. Find an appropriate desk and chair so that you don’t feel any discomfort while working.

A wall-mounted desk can help you save space, and so do file cabinets. Adding a few plants to your workplace can make it feel fresher and more enjoyable. It’s advisable to pick the most silent room in the house, and it should have no other purpose, if possible.

The End of the Day


You know what they say; freedom is a long rope where it’s easy to get hanged. Plan your working hours carefully, and carry it out in a disciplined manner. You risk letting your work take all of your waking hours by not doing so. Moreover, don’t neglect the decoration of your workspace, since you’ll spend most of your day there. It must be calm, enjoyable, and distraction-free.


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