Simple Ways to Protect Your Concrete Driveway in Winter

Concrete is a significant investment you can have in your home. Concrete can give you the ultimate solution you need for these outdoor spaces, whether it is your patio, driveway, sidewalk, deck, or other surfaces. The best thing about this material is that it is resistant to elements like rain and heat. Unfortunately, winter’s cold, icy and snowy climate can take a toll on the concrete. Knowing how to keep your concrete driveway or sidewalk safe this winter is crucial. This is why we have compiled five simple ways to protect concrete during winter.

  1. Hire the Best Concrete Contractor

Durable concrete surfaces start right from the installation. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you install the surfaces correctly to avoid issues later in the future. This means hiring the right concrete contractors. Furthermore, taking care of concrete during winter may sound like an easy job until you do it. Get the best concrete contractors in Houston for the best installation and maintenance. The good thing is that the contractors will also take care of the driveway, sidewalks, deck, and any other surface made of concrete. They repair and maintain the surfaces, keeping them ready for winter.

  1. Avoid Using Salt

Many homeowners treat snow and ice accumulation with salt. The salt helps melt down the ice on the driveway. However, it makes it hard to drive on the surface. Experts recommend not adding salt to the concrete. This is because the salt contributes to massive damage like cracking, more than you may think. Salt contains chlorine that consumes the surface while ruining the top protective layer. Therefore, if possible, avoid salt at all costs. Instead, use plowing items and shovels to remove the ice.

  1. Seal the Concrete

The contractor will also add a sealant on the driveway and other surfaces to seal them from moisture, thermal shock, and compression. A seal acts as a barrier to keep out water and prevent spalling. There are different types of concrete sealants. Therefore, ask the contractor to help you choose one depending on local weather conditions and surface type.

  1. Keep the Driveway Clean

Dirt accumulation and unfixed repairs can deteriorate the condition of concrete surfaces over time. In addition to proper installation and measures to avoid cracking and thermal shock, ensure you properly maintain the surfaces. Keeping the concrete clean always helps prevent damage and prolongs its life.

  1. Remove the Snow

Even though concrete is strong enough to handle the snow weight, there are other ways this snow can affect it. For instance, the snow results in thermal shock and moisture leak. Once the ground under the concrete changes, it results in issues like cracking. Therefore, it is best to remove the snow using a shovel to keep it off the snow.


Keeping your concrete in top condition since its installation is the beginning of everything. These are simple methods of keeping the surfaces safe during the harsh conditions in winter. The best way to make it easy is by hiring the best concrete contractors in Houston.

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