Refurbishing Your Home for Child and Pet Compatibility

In households bustling with children and pets, the evidence of activity is quickly visible on floors and furniture. Stains on carpets and scratches on favorite furniture pieces are commonplace, but there are preventive measures that can be taken to maintain order and cleanliness.

High-traffic floors in these vibrant homes benefit from carpets with solution-dyed fibers. This advanced dyeing technique ensures colors are not only vivid but also spill-resistant, and it’s accomplished without harmful chemicals, preserving the safety of the environment for play and relaxation.

Walls often bear the brunt of creative endeavors or become marked by pets. Using paint with a satin or eggshell finish provides a durable, cleanable surface, enabling easy removal of artwork or blemishes.

Furniture selection, particularly the choice of fabric, plays a pivotal role in a well-prepared home. The market today provides numerous durable fabrics that can withstand a bustling household. Solution-dyed acrylics, for instance, resist liquids and are stain-resistant, making them suitable for both stylish and utilitarian home furnishings like throw pillows. For furniture that’s already part of the home, slipcovers are a savvy addition, offering easy cleaning and seasonal changes, keeping your home looking its best.

For a detailed guide on choosing materials that can stand up to the enthusiastic activity of kids and pets, consider reviewing the resource below.

Infographic created by FCA Floor Covering Associates, Offering Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring and More

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