Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Ways to Keep your Home Safe for Toddlers


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that it is crucial to keep your home safe for toddlers. You can take many steps to prevent falls, burns, and other such common home injuries. Your home may have many potential hazards for your children, and you are unaware of these risks. However, it is vital to find out the risks and take the necessary steps as mentioned below:

The Ways

  1. Protect your child with baby furniture and baby equipment- You must have safe baby furniture and equipment in your home. Always choose mattresses, highchairs, cots, etc., that meet the safety standards and will keep your baby safe from any injuries.
  1. Preventing burns- You must always keep a close eye on your child when there is a fire or hot surface around. You should keep hot drinks away from the reach of your child. Also, don’t come near your child when you are holding any hot drinks in your hand. Plus, don’t forget to check the temperature of your baby’s bathwater.
  1. Maintain electrical safety- You need to install safety switches to avoid electrocution, and you should take the help of a licensed electrician if needed. Also, use power-point covers to keep your child safe from any electric shocks.
  1. Preventing falls at home- When it comes to toddlers, falls are the most common cause of injuries, and you need to take proper steps to prevent falls. You must install safety guards across entries to stairs, balconies, and other such places. You can also use window guards to prevent your kid from climbing up the window and falling.
  1. Use sturdy furniture- It will be best if you check that the furniture in your home is sturdy so that your kind never pulls it down or knocks it over. You can attach bookshelves or TV stands attached to walls to avoid any accidents or injuries. Also, keep furniture with sharp corners away from your kid, or you can pad the corners with foam.
  1. Keep medicines and chemicals away- Poisoning can lead to severe injuries to your child, and therefore, the best solution is to keep all medicines or chemicals locked in a cupboard. You can also put a child-safety latch on the doors of these cabinets so that your kids can’t have access to any harmful chemicals or medicines.
  1. Take care of water safety- If you have a pool in your home, please make sure that there is a fence or self-locking gate to maintain water safety. Also, be alert when your baby is bathing and never leave your baby alone in a bathroom.


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, apart from taking the steps mentioned above, it will be great if you teach your kids about what’s right and what’s wrong. Even after taking all the appropriate steps, your kid may still get hurt; therefore, you need to be always alert and careful and change the environment accordingly.

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