Mark Roemer Oakland Explores the Various Benefits and Drawbacks of Plastic Patio Furniture


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, plastic furniture or PVC furniture has become quite common in modern households, especially for use in outdoor settings. However, if you are considering purchasing plastic patio furniture, you can read below to consider the pros or cons of plastic patio furniture before making a decision.

Advantages of plastic patio furniture

  1. They are quite durable – Good quality PVC plastic furniture is nearly unbreakable since they are tested for maximum weight and pressure. In fact, they are as durable as most wooden furniture. They have great elastic strength which ensures they don’t break easily when dropped from a height. Plus, they remain unaffected even when exposed to the sunlight and cold and don’t develop cracks over time. This makes them suitable as patio furniture.
  1. They are easy to store – Plastic furniture is much more lightweight compared to wooden or metallic furniture and is thus, easier to move around, clean, and store. You can stack multiple plastic pieces of furniture and move them quickly into a separate room for easy storage.

Thus, they make great patio furniture since plastic furniture is much less troublesome to carry around and store.

  1. They are budget-friendly – One of the biggest reasons to choose plastic patio furniture over other types of furniture is the cost. Plastic furniture is much more cost-effective compared to metallic wooden furniture and it is a great option when you have a limited budget. Plus, since they are easier to maintain, you also save money on maintenance over a long period of time.
  1. They require less maintenance – Unlike wooden furniture, plastic furniture remains unaffected by termites or rot. There is no need to invest any money to apply varnish or coat them with paint every few years to keep them in good condition.
  1. Versatile – There are tons of design and color options available when choosing plastic furniture.

Unlike metallic furniture, moisture has no effect on plastic furniture. Thus, they are uniquely suited for moisture-prone areas such as near water bodies and outside areas which are affected by rain and snowfall since they don’t rust.

Disadvantages of plastic patio furniture

  1. They look cheap and lack elegance – Plastic furniture is not only cheap, but they also look cheap and lack elegance. This is because plastic furniture is mass-produced, and manufacturers stick to a certain design scheme to minimize the cost of production.
  1. They are not good for the environment – Most plastic furniture is non-biodegradable and cannot be destroyed by natural agents. Plus, when plastic is processed it releases dangerous fumes into the atmosphere and causes air pollution. Thus, it is not environmentally friendly.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you purchase special plastic furniture made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) also known as poly wood or poly lumber since they can be recycled and don’t cause environmental hazards. There is no need to cut trees to create HDPE furniture and thus they preserve the basic ecological balance.

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