Lighting Tips For Indian Homes

Lighting plays a very crucial role in enhancing the appeal of your home interiors. No matter how much you focus on the other elements like the furniture, fixtures, and decor items, without proper lighting, the room will appear dull and boring. There are various types of lighting fixtures available in the market. Depending on your preferences and home decor idea, you can choose them. Further, there are various designing techniques that will allow you to make your room appear brighter. If you are not sure which how to light up your home interiors, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Allow natural light to enter

Allowing natural light to enter indoors is a great way of lighting up your home interiors. You can never replace natural light with artificial light. Whether it is in summer, monsoon, or winter, your home decor idea can always benefit from natural light. Further, you can attract more positive energy indoors by allowing natural indoors.

To allow sufficient natural light indoors, make sure that the curtains are parted during the day. However, if privacy is an issue, consider buying thin and light coloured curtains that will allow light to enter even when closed. Also, consider installing glass doors and windows instead of traditional options so that more light can enter indoors. Experts suggest installing mirrors in the room because they reflect light and make the room appear brighter. By strategically placing the mirrors in the room, you can brighten up every corner of the room.

02 of 05 Keep in mind the room’s purpose

Before installing lighting fixtures in your home decor idea, you must know the purpose of the room. This will help you to determine what lighting fixtures you require and how many. For instance, your living room is the place where you receive your guests. Choose lighting fixtures that will make the space more welcoming. For setting a welcoming tone, you have to create a good balance between ambient and mood lights. Since it stays quite busy, avoid lights that can strain your eyes. For kitchen designs, hang pendant lights above your kitchen island. This will not only allow you to see clearly while preparing meals but also enhance the appeal of the room. For your bedroom, you can consider installing dimmers so that you can control the brightness according to your preferences.

03 of 05 Ambient lights are better than central lights

Many experts consider opting for ambient lighting instead of standard central lighting. By installing small ambient lights, you can give your room a warm and soft feel. Further, they will prove to be more useful in keeping the dark corners lit up as well. To add to the drama and enhance the visual appeal of the room, you can consider adding lighting fixtures like floor lamps, table lamps, and recessed lights as well. These lighting fixtures draw one’s attention and help to highlight items in the room like sculptures, plants, wall art, etc.

To enhance the appeal of any Indian home decor, add lighting from the back. Indirect lighting helps to add more drama and interest to any decorative piece. Invest in recessed lights if your home decor idea has art to display on your walls.

04 of 05 You can never go wrong with a chandelier

A chandelier is a statement piece that instantly adds more lux and opulence to any home decor idea. Whether your home interiors have a modern or traditional look, there are various types of chandeliers available in the market that will not only match the theme of your home but also enhance its appeal. If you are not sure what lighting fixtures you must install in the room, just install one chandelier that will act as a focus light, ambient light, and decor item. However, you must always be careful while choosing a chandelier for your room. It must not appear too big or too small for the room. If the chandelier is too big for the room, the room might appear awkward.

05 of 05 Don’t overdo it

Lighting is certainly an important element of any Indian home decor but you must not overdo it. Overdoing it might make the room appear cluttered. Also, too much light in the room might strain your eyes and make you feel uncomfortable.

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