Keeping Your Aviary In Excellent Condition For Your Birds

Keeping birds in your home can be a highly rewarding experience, and many people love the beautiful colours and songs these animals make. Some people can watch and listen to them for hours, and they can make the ideal pet for some people. However, when you keep birds in an aviary, you need to do regular maintenance to ensure the birds have a suitable home. Below are some of the things you will need to do to keep your birds happy and safe so you can keep enjoying them in your home.

Check The Structure Of The Aviary

You will want to keep a close eye on your aviary and ensure the structure does not get damaged if you keep it outside. Especially after storms, you should check the aviary for damage and replace any damaged aviary panels that could let in predators. It will also help prevent your birds from escaping from your aviary and can help stop the aviary from becoming unsightly in your garden.

Replace The Perches

It is an excellent idea to replace the perches in your aviary at least once a year. They can become covered in dirt and muck, and the wood can rot and become a breeding ground for parasites. Ensure that there is plenty of perching space for your birds, ad it will help keep them happy and content living in your aviary.

Keep The Aviary Substrate Clean

You will also need to keep the substrate of the aviary, the floor clean and tidy this up every couple of months. The bird droppings, dropped food, and nesting material can build up on the floor and promote the growth of parasites, bacteria, fungus, and other nasty things that can affect the health of your birds. Clean all the debris and muck from the floor and put down some paving sand to have a fresh, clean floor.

Remove Old Nests

It is also a good idea to remove the old nests from the aviary and doing this during the cooler months can help discourage breeding in the winter, which can cause complications. The old nests can also be a breeding ground for parasites and other germs, so it is worth getting rid of them once a year and does not harm the birds.

Provide New Nesting Material

When you remove the nests in your aviary, you will need to provide fresh new material that your birds can use to build a new nest. The material you need to supply will depend on the types of birds you keep and a variety of grasses, twigs, feathers, and other materials suitable for nests.

Treat Your Birds Fr Worms & Parasites

You will also need to treat your birds to help them remain free from worms and parasites, and other things, and you will need to do this a few times a year. There is debate about how often you should give your birds Moxidectin Plus, but many people find it advantageous to do it when the season changes.

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