How to Clean a Shower Head Without Removing It

Over time your shower head is bound to get clogged up with natural minerals and small dirt particles which are found in the water. As much as we would love our water to be perfectly clean, the reality is that there is always bound to be some slight level of grit which it can pick up along the way to the end of our shower head. Now in most cases cleaning the shower head is easy enough, simply detach it and then give it a good wash. There are a lot of people who have shower heads that are not easily detachable, so how do we get those clean? In this article we are going to take a look at some of the methods by which you can do it.


If the head of your shower has some functionality problems and you believe that it is because of some of the spouts being clogged, then the best way to attack it is with a toothbrush. If the head has been left for too long then a toothbrush may not work well, but if you can attack the mineral deposits early this may be all that is required to get rid of the scum. Use a hard bristled brush and work on each of the spouts individually.

Using a Plastic Bag

Whilst you may not be able to soak the shower head in water or even a cleaning solution, you can still use a smart technique which will give you the same results. Using a plastic bag with no holes in it – the thicker the better – an elastic band, some white vinegar and a regular household cleaner, we can really help to get some of the grime off the bathroom shower head. Mix half the cleaner with half of the vinegar in the bag, making sure that you leave enough room for the head. Place the bag underneath the head and then tie the top of the bag over the shower head, tightening securely with the elastic band. Now gently turn the shower on and fill the bag up with just enough water so that it covers the head of the shower. Leave this in place for one hour. Once you take the bag off, scrub the head with a toothbrush or a coarse brush and you should be able to get it nice and clean.

Filling It Up

A final option which could work here is to cover up the holes of the shower head with some strong duct tape. Prior to placing the tape, apply vinegar to the underside of the shower head and then lock it in with the duct tape. Leave this for around 15-20 minutes before removing the tape and turning the shower on. If you leave this any longer than 20 minutes then you’ll find that the vinegar will cut through the adhesive anyway, and the tape will likely fall off. Once you remove the tape, scrub the head and rinse through.

These are some of the best ways of keeping the head of your shower nice and clean. Remember that the best approach is regular maintenance so that the grime isn’t allowed to build up in the first place.

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