How Much is My House Worth? How to Find Out

If you’re currently thinking about selling your house, don’t ask this question: “Should I sell now or should I hang on?”. Ask yourself the only meaningful question: “Exactly how much is my house worth right now?”

Finding out the current value of your home allows you to make informed decisions – instead of really close guesses.

Here are the 4 ways you can find out your home’s true value (and why it matters):

1. Consult an online home value estimator

For a quick ballpark figure, you can’t get answers faster than simply visiting a website and typing in your address. Great tools include:

  • Redfin home value estimator
  • RE/MAX home value estimator
  • Zillow home value estimator (‘Zestimate’)
  • com home value estimator

2. Check your county’s auditor site

This is a great way to find out whether your home value has appreciated (and when), because you can analyze the historical data. Once you have the figure, you can also compare it to figures of other comparable homes in your area.

  1. Ask your real estate agent

Feel free to ask them questions or elicit guidance on your potential home sale. They’re a wealth of information and experience and can provide best practices, tips, and give advice for what’s best for you and your home.

  1. Hire a professional appraiser

If each of the last steps were escalating in authority, this is the last stop. The most accurate estimate you can acquire is through an appraiser. Anyone seeking a professional home estimate can then bring the figure to consult with a mortgage lender.

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