How is the cost of Asphalt Calculated?

Asphalt is a popular choice from driveways for a number of reasons. It is cheaper than concrete with much of the same benefits of durability and toughness. Asphalt is also a flexible material, less susceptible to cracking, quick to install and hardy during winters. But what about costs, you ask? We are here to break down the costs of installing an asphalt driveway so you can make a more informed choice. Asphalt is cheaper than concrete. However, keep in mind that the cost of installing an asphalt driveway will vary based on the type of asphalt, kind of project and even location of the project site. Read on as we cover the factors in detail.


The material used for your asphalt driveway will have a bearing on the cost. Recycled materials are commonly used for asphalt driveways as asphalt is 100 percent recyclable. This helps to keep costs down and provides big savings compared to using brand new asphalt. Asphalt also comes in a cold mix or hot mix option.

Hot mix is most commonly used and is an inexpensive option because of the recycled materials used. The flexibility of the hot mix also makes it easy to install and repair, further reducing costs. The warm mix is the middle path option between hot mixes and cold mixes. Warm mixes use fewer fossil fuels in the manufacturing process and are less expensive than a hot mix as it cools down slower than a hot mix. The most affordable option, however, is a cold mix which is usually used for repairs like cracks and potholes. If you are just filling in issues with your existing asphalt driveway, a cold mix is the cheapest option.

Porous asphalt is an option that is ideal for rainy climates and allows water to be drained easily through the asphalt. The material also helps with saving money on leveling and grading. Depending on the region you live in, you may be required to install a sub-grade material prior to laying asphalt, which will add to the driveway cost. The size of the project and the thickness of the asphalt material will also affect the cost depending upon the size of the project and the thickness of the asphalt.

Amount of Material and Market Price of Material

The cost of driveway paving will depend on the amount of material required. Contractors will decide the amount of material based on the length, width, and depth of the prepared site. For large-scale projects, it is possible for contractors to offer discounts for paving. Market prices that are based on environmental regulations, current construction activity and even local economies will affect the cost of asphalt and consequently driveway costs.

Transport Cost

The cost of getting materials to the project site will factor into the overall cost of your driveway. This will also include the cost of transporting equipment and construction crew. An asphalt installation involves a fairly large amount of equipment, including dump trucks, pavers, rollers, tractors and the crew itself can include up to 10 members.

For context- the contractor will need to determine the number of trucks needed to transport material. If the number of trucks is too less, the crew will waste time waiting for the next load of material to come. The amount of base material, asphalt material, the distance of project site from suppliers, etc., will all affect trucking cost. On the other hand, if there are too many trucks, you’ll be paying truck drivers to just wait for other trucks to unload. Depending on how big the job is, you may pay less on the whole as the costs will be spread out.

Preparation of Material

Every driveway is unique and requires a different amount of preparation for installation. The amount of preparation required by the project will affect the overall driveway cost. For example, a small driveway will take less preparation than a big driveway. Additionally, there will be costs involved in preparing a driveway for proper drainage, which adds to the preparation time. Depending on the positioning of the driveway, an ideal installation requires proper planning regarding drainage. Without time spent on drainage, you risk flooding the house or garage and will therefore add to the overall price of paving a driveway.

Installation Costs

Last but not least, we come to installation costs. Different driveway projects involve different levels of handiwork, which will impact the cost of the project. The contractor will also add in costs for time spent in installing the asphalt with equipment and usage or replacement costs for the use of the equipment. As an example, say the driveway is not easily accessible by heavy machinery. In that case, the contractor will need to hire more workers for manual installation. This will take more time and involve more money because of it. More manual laborers will also add costs in the form of wages, workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance. The charges in the installation process of the material can also rack up costs quickly.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide gives you a clearer picture of the costs involved in installing an asphalt driveway gold coast. Keep in mind that these costs are only a small part of the equation. To ensure you get the best value for money, you also need to put in legwork into hiring the right contractor for the job. A reliable contractor that offers a high-quality product and service will help keep project time and, consequently, costs down. Time spent getting a variety of quotes from different companies and going through online reviews will save you significant headaches down the road.

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