How Did Granite End Up Being Such A Prominent Kitchen Countertop Product?

Can you think that the Pyramid of Giza consists of an approximated 2.3 million blocks of sedimentary rocks, as well as granite? That’s right; wow!

What is more intriguing to me although, is obviously the biggest granite stones inside the pyramid got located in the chamber of the King. Proving there was the extremely high worth positioned on granite stones.

I believe most house owners recognize the fact that granite has been utilized in architectural projects going as back as 3,000 years. Most of us have listened to mentions of natural rocks, including granite, as being used by stonemasons throughout history to develop castles, cathedrals, churches, statues, as well as many other beautiful structures.

This confirms one point; granite is lovely, resilient, ageless, vital, and historic. Therefore, bringing these components right into your residence can be an excellent experience.

Now, that we recognize that, it begins to become clearer that eventually in contemporary life, granites’ charm would have to make it, in some way, shape, or kind, right into the houses of millions around the world. This would need to be an area where its elegance could be admired, appreciated, as well as valued.

Honestly, I can’t think about a better area to showcase a stunning piece of all-natural granite than a cooking area, as well as it makes good sense. A lot of us spend plenty of time in our cooking areas carrying out a selection of various jobs, like; food preparation, family members’ suppers, doing research, enjoying the information, snacking, reviewing a paper, preparing holiday dishes, as well as obviously, inviting next-door locals over for some coffee to show off those new countertops.

In the 80s, granite was simply beginning to make its method into the kitchen area renovating market as a higher-end luxury kitchen top product. This 1987 short article discusses the things that were acquired to excite close friends during that time. Granite countertops made this listing. It appears the beginning rate at that time was $100 per square foot. A price reserved only for special unique granite colors today.

Since then, the granite market, like a lot of markets, has evolved as well as therefore, grown. Improvements in machinery, technology, as well as exports have all contributed to reducing the price of drawing out, manufacturing, as well as exporting granite around the world.

These technical improvements in addition to their cost decrease made granite countertops more available to the typical consumer throughout the late 90s as well as throughout the 2000s. I can assure you this will not alter anytime soon.

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