Home Renovation Tips: Creating An Easy-To-Clean House

Is a home remodel or fresh build in your future? Before thinking about the new color palette or where to mount the TV, consider the different design choices you could make so your updated home is easier to keep clean. As repetitive yet necessary tasks, chores take up hours every week. You can cut down on that time and spend it relaxing instead with the right foresight. Below are a few tips on creating a home environment that’s easy to clean.

A lot of alternatives start at the beginning — the home design process. If you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to design from the ground up, the floors are a great place to start. Often the area that gets dirty the quickest, there are a lot of options for easy-to-clean floors.

For instance, opting for nonporous material — such as laminate or luxury vinyl tile — or using a protective nonporous seal helps make the floor practically impervious to spills. It also shortens the time needed for sweeping and mopping. What’s more, these materials typically do not require specialized cleaning solutions, like hardwood flooring does. Instead, a simpler solution and a basic sponge mop could do the trick just fine.

Another example is installing epoxy flooring in the garage. Regularly spattered with hard-to-clean engine oil, tire marks and other similar messes, the garage floor can become filthy and stained rather easily. With the right epoxy coating, you could have a durable and attractive garage floor that’s remarkably simple to clean.

The walls of the house should also be considered, especially if there are pets or kids running around. Treatments are available to make the walls scrubbable as is high-quality paint you can wipe clean. Washing walls and fixing paints chips could be a thing of the past with the proper paint finish and forethought.

Another design element that’s great for creating a mess-free home is storage. There are endless storage solutions to help you throughout the house. A great example is a floor-to-ceiling cabinet in the family room to maximize on space and keep items within reach but out of sight. You could also look into built-in shelving and similar strategies as part of the redesign. If you’re serious about reducing your chores, creating a designated storage spot for all your knickknacks and day-to-day objects now can make tidying up a breeze down the road.

Want to explore more ways to reduce your household cleaning workload in the future? Check out the accompanying resource for more information.

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