Here Are Some Great Exercises to Help You Get Fit In Your Plunge Pool

A plunge pool can be a great addition to your home. They are excellent for anyone looking for a little bit of everything from their swimming pools. You can exercise in your plunge pool, enjoy leisure time, as well as relax. If you have a plunge pool in your home, then you can ensure that you stay healthy without ever leaving your home.

This is as there are lots of water exercises you can use to both burn fat as well as strengthen muscles. You can also use your plunge pool as a place to have fun with your friends and family. All you need to do is develop a good exercise routine to ensure that you get good exercise from your plunge pool. The exercises you choose should be effective as well. Here are some easy exercises to help you get fit in your new plunge pool.

What Are The Benefits of Exercising In Your Plunge Pool?

It’s possible for you to exercise in nearly any kind of swimming pool. But when it comes to pools that are particularly good for exercising in, plunge pools fit the bill. This is because they are cheaper to purchase and install due to their size. Plunge pools also get heated faster, and as a result, you’ll be saving on energy costs as well.

Should you choose to get a pool cover, then you’ll be able to exercise in your plunge pool at any time of the year. Plunge pools are ideally suited to people who want to enjoy exercising and relax in their swimming pools. Water exercises ensure that you can stay fit by exercising in your plunge pool. Exercising in the water is also great for people who have sports injuries, balance issues or joint pain. Pregnant women can also benefit from doing water exercises.

The exercises you’ll be doing in your plunge pool will be low impact exercises. At the same time, they will also be of high resistance, and you can tailor these exercises to meet the needs of any fitness level. You can enjoy a good cardio workout, and you can also enjoy strength training as well. The time you spend exercising in water can also have mental health benefits for you. No laps are required either, as a plunge pool is too small for swimming laps in. If you want to ensure that the water temperature of your plunge pool is maintained, then remember to put the pool cover back on.

You may not be able to swim laps in your plunge pool, but you can enjoy a lot of cardio exercises, such as water aerobics. Water aerobics is something people of all age groups can participate in. When you exercise in water, you’ll be able to activate all the important muscle groups in the body. At the same time, you can also build your cardiovascular resistance. Water based exercises may be low impact, but they can still be of high intensity. This is as the water itself provides a level of physical resistance. This means that you’ll find yourself pushing your muscles harder when you exercise in your plunge pool.

Exercises You Can Do In Your Plunge Pool

The exercises you can do in your plunge pool can be a part of your everyday workout routine. You’ll be able to improve your fitness level while also toning your muscles. You can do all this without getting burnt out. Here are some exercises that you should consider doing in your plunge pool.

Water Walking

The first thing you’ll need to do is gently enter the plunge pool and take a few steps forward. Then, take a few steps backward. Repeat this process. If you want to make this exercise more difficult for you, then you can increase both the speed and intensity at which you walk. When you do this fast enough, you’ll ultimately end up jogging in place. You can then alternate between walking as well as jogging in water. Walk in the water for thirty seconds before you jog in the water for the next thirty seconds. Then go back to walking. In this way, alternate between jogging and walking for five minutes.

Water Aerobics

If you want to do exercises that help you lose weight, then water aerobics can be perfect for you. You’ll be able to burn calories and also practice resistance training. Water aerobics can be especially beneficial if you choose to incorporate a ball into your routine. Here is an example of an exercise you can do with a ball in your plunge pool.

First, hold the ball such that it’s at chest level and in front of you. Then balance yourself on one leg for thirty seconds. Then switch to the other leg and balance yourself for thirty seconds. Alternate between both legs until five minutes are up.

Exercising With Pool Noodles

There are some pool noodle exercises that you can do which will help you to engage your shoulder areas as well as your core. First, hold the pool noodle in front of you. Then push down on it till the pool noodle reaches the area around your legs. Now release it, and then repeat the process.

Another exercise you can do is to take the pool noodle and place it under your armpits. Move it till it reaches your upper back area, and then do crunches. Your legs should be straight as you do this exercise before you pull your legs in towards your chest. You can do around thirty repetitions of this or continue until you feel tired.

Arm Circles

You’ll need to submerge yourself in the plunge pool all the way until only your head is above the water. Now, raise both your arms till they are at the height of your shoulders, on either side. Now, start to rotate your arms in a forward direction. Do it at a speed that is moderate, for around thirty repetitions. Then, move your hands in a backward direction for another thirty repetitions.

Accessories and Weights

If you want to add something extra to your exercise routine, then you can also think about investing in proper workout equipment. You can consider adding water weights, balls, and other accessories designed for water exercises. There are all kinds of equipment you can use to add more resistance to your workout routine. Consider getting wrist weights or ankle weights, leg weights or arm weights. You can also opt for resistance gloves, kickboards, and more.


Water exercises in your plunge pool can help you to stay fit and healthy. These are the exercises you can do in your plunge pool to get a good workout while also having fun! If you don’t have a plunge pool in your backyard, installing one has never been easier. Our skilled Pool Builders Perth install many pools and would love to help you select the best plunge pool for your backyard so you can start your water aerobics training.

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