Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Your Kettering Ohio Home!

It’s normal for homeowners to be confused about the intricate details of any remodeling project, and this is why the recent emergence of DIY bathroom remodels is so troubling for countless properties.

No matter how many YouTube remodeling tutorials you watch, you’re going to run into issues if you’re not a seasoned remodeling specialist. We’ve partnered up with the bathroom remodeling kettering ohio experts at Dream Big Contracting to develop this comprehensive list of bathroom remodeling tips to help you better understand how you should prepare to remodel your home’s bathroom.

So if you’re currently planning your next bathroom remodeling project at your property, check out the below sections to make sure that you’re keeping some important details in mind!

Understanding What Bathroom Remodeling Typically Costs

Prior to initiating any home improvement project, it’s crucial for homeowners to have a thorough understanding of their financial expectations. This essentially means that you’ll need to know what you’re willing to invest, and the quality of materials that you’re most interested in purchasing.

Your bathroom’s size and your contracting services will also play huge roles in determining your remodeling project’s estimated budget.

Your Toilet Shouldn’t Be Easily Visible At First Glance

This décor theme is likely what you’ll hear from professional bathroom designers when they disclose one of their interior design tips. The reasoning for this décor concept is simple, because many people will leave their bathroom doors open or unlocked—and being easily visible at first glance while on the toilet isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing interior design approach.

So when it comes to developing a décor focal point in your bathroom, choose anything but the toilet!

Consider Keeping Existing Vintage Finishes

A lot of homeowners want a fresh look when planning a bathroom remodeling project; however, it’s important to remember that certain bathroom elements are easier to replace than others.

A common example of this would be if your home’s bathroom has wall tiles, because removing and replacing these tiles will likely cause your labor costs to significantly increase.

So, instead consider keeping any vintage tiles that are currently within your bathroom and invest your money into other parts of the space. Because after all, vintage finishes are often a stylish feature that other people want in their more modern bathrooms anyways!

Planning Out Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is a true home décor art, and it’s often difficult to get this type of lighting right without professional assistance.

One of the best approaches toward bathroom lighting is incorporating multiple layers of lights, including accent, task, decorative and ambient lighting. If this sounds confusing, then just know that you’re not alone when it comes to a lack of bathroom lighting understanding.

The best thing you can do for your bathroom lighting is work directly with an interior lighting design specialist, who can coordinate your new lights in fantastic ways that you’ll undoubtedly love!

Understanding Your Bathroom’s Dimensions

There are a few important measurements that you should keep in mind while you’re in the preparation stages for your bathroom remodeling project in Kettering, Ohio.

These measurements include:

  • The preferred size of your new bathtub
  • How much space you need for your toilet
  • Shower fixture measurements
  • Different dimensions between single and double sinks
  • Vanity measurements
  • Window measurements
  • Flooring measurements
  • Doorway space
  • And much more!

Choosing The Right Height For Your New Bathroom Sink

The vast majority of bathroom countertops are around 32-34 inches above your floor, and it’s crucial for homeowners to keep their sink in mind when it comes to how much it’ll add or subtract from your countertop’s overall height.

For example, above-counter vessel sinks need to be taken into account within these planning stages. This is because you’ll need to slightly lower your counter height to properly accommodate this sink style.

Consider Installing a Corner Sink in Your Bathroom

Corner sinks have become very popular throughout recent years, and this is partly because they typically take up less space within a bathroom as compared to more traditional sink placements.

If you think your bathroom is a bit tight and might have traffic-flow issues, corner sinks can be a lifesaver in terms of freeing up enough space to ensure proper bathroom functionality and aesthetics.

Choosing The Right Vanity

It’s important to remember that your bathroom’s new vanity isn’t just for looks, because getting the wrong-sized vanity can lead to traffic, storage and aesthetic issues. And if you pick the wrong vanity material, you might be dealing with all sorts of stressful maintenance appointments.

This is why you must always do your homework when choosing your new vanity, and getting help from professional remodeling specialists can go a long way to make the most out of these investment decisions!

Considering Converting Your Bathtub To A Shower

If your bathroom has a tub that you never use, then you’re letting a significant amount of your bathroom’s square footage go to waste.

By converting your tub area into a shower, you can be both cost-effective and stylish!

Reach Out to Dream Big Contracting When You Need Bathroom Remodeling Services in Kettering Ohio!

The above bathroom remodeling tips are just the beginning in terms of what homeowners need to consider during the preparation stages of their upcoming projects.

One of the top home remodeling teams in Kettering Ohio is Dream Big Contracting, and their bathroom remodeling experts are available to answer your questions when you go through the link to their website located at the top of this page!

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