Are You a Novice Wine Collector? Here is How to Choose a Good Wine Rack

If you just started on a wine collection, you know wine must be stored well to preserve its flavor. The main reason wine is stored horizontally is to prevent the cork from drying out. You may think of putting the wine in the fridge or a crate where you feel comfortable. However, there is something good about storing your wine collection on a wine rack. It is good for display and proper preservation. It may not be easy to pick the best wine rack, especially because there are numerous types. However, you can buy a great rack for storing your wine bottles with the right information. Check the tips discussed below.


Material is a crucial point you ought to consider first when buying your first wine rack. You can go for the popular option-wood, even though there are other materials like metal. You can choose from mahogany, oak, pine, cherry, and others. If you want a modern look, you can choose a wine rack made from stainless steel. Remember, material defines the quality of your rack, and you want something durable. Therefore, go for quality material, especially if you have a large wine collection.


It is also vital to decide on the style you want. Mostly, people choose wine racks based on the theme of their interior design. So, you may want to consider this point. Wine racks come in different designs, meaning you must know and evaluate what works best for you. Can you accommodate a free-standing or wall-mounted rack? Do you need a stackable rack? Sometimes the space you have can also dictate the style you pick.


Another crucial thing to remember is the capacity you need. You want a rack that can accommodate your wine collection. Therefore, if you are an enthusiastic wine collector, going for a bigger wine rack may be the best choice. The size of the wine bottles will also affect the rack size you pick. Some bottles are large and require a larger rack. Therefore, you must get a rack that can comfortably accommodate the bottles. Before you shop, ensure you know the amount of storage you require for your wine collection. This decision will depend on how many bottles of wine you intend to collect over the years.


When picking a rack for your wine, consider where you want to place it. Most people put their wine in the kitchen. The bad thing about storing the wine in the kitchen is that the heat and light can ruin the wine. Therefore, choosing a cool spot in the house for storing your wine is advisable. So, keep this in mind when choosing the wine rack.

The Bottom Line

If you just started collecting wine, don’t underestimate its fun. You may end up buying more bottles than you thought you would buy. Therefore, ensure you have enough room for the collection. Look through the guide above to help pick the right wine rack to accommodate your wine bottles. Be keen on the material and capacity you need.

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