Air Conditioning Complications – Common Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling (And What To Do)

Dirty air filter
Your air conditioning system may experience several problems due to a dirty, blocked air filter.

For the AC system to cycle correctly, air intake is required. A blocked air filter will restrict airflow, impair system effectiveness, and make it challenging to chill the air effectively.

Incorrect thermostat settings
If your split or window air conditioner is not cooling, you should examine the thermostat’s operation. If your air conditioner first sends out cool air, then lukewarm attitude, there is a problem.

Low refrigerant level
The lack or insufficiency of a refrigerant, a critical fluid that absorbs heat from the atmosphere, could prevent your air conditioner from cooling.

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling, there may be a leak in the refrigerant system—schedule routine AC service on your air conditioning system to prevent this issue.

Damaged compressor
The compressor could be broken if the air conditioner isn’t cooling. The refrigerant or coolant is compressed by the compressor, a motor, and circulated through the evaporator and condenser coils.

The cooling cycle does not begin if the compressor malfunctions and the AC cannot cool.

Inadequate coolant
Cool air is eventually circulated into the room. Once the coolant cools, the air passes over the evaporator coils and cycles through them.

As a result, the AC stops cooling when the coolant level drops too low. Call a PRO for a coolant top-up and refill at this point.

Faulty AC Remote
Another scenario is when the remote cannot communicate with the AC unit to modify the temperature. It only takes switching out the remote to fix the problem.

faulty fan motor
The outside unit’s inability to release heat will interfere with an air conditioner’s capacity to cool down if the fan’s motor is damaged or malfunctioning.

A buzzing sound from the fan could indicate that the fan motor is damaged or failing.

Primary ways to repair the air conditioner

Cleaning Air Filters
As suggested by the manufacturer, you can try taking the air filter out, wiping it down with a microfiber cloth, and then washing it in warm water.

If your issues still exist after cleaning your filters, you might need a professional for air conditioning repair.

Adjust the Settings
Consult the user handbook to understand how to make the necessary adjustments if your thermostat isn’t set up correctly. Alternately, try putting it on Auto mode and seeing if it fixes the issue.

Place the thermostat precisely.
Even if you’re not home, your air conditioner may run more frequently during the day if there is intense direct sunshine. One method to enhance temperature control is to install a programmable thermostat.

Clearing the AC condenser
If there is nowhere else for the heat to go, it accumulates inside the condenser, raising the condensation heat and degrading the system.

To avoid this, cleaning the extra branches that come into contact with your AC condenser would be best.

AC thermostat is placed in “Auto” mode rather than “On.”
The AC thermostat should always be set to “Auto” mode rather than “On.” This is a typical cause of an air conditioner that won’t cool.

Replace the compressor
Replace the broken compressor or hire a qualified expert to fix this for you.

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