A Comprehensive Guide To Removable Wallpapers

Coming home to the same boring walls is extremely lame. This is the reason behind the growing popularity of removable wallpapers which can impart a new feel to your house sans the mess caused by traditional painting methods. Just as the name suggests, a removable wallpaper refers to traditional, peel and stick and pre-pasted wallpaper which can be removed without breaking any sweat. It can completely bring down the stress associated with house décor while offering a high level of freedom as you add a variety of styles and patterns to your room.

Pros & Cons Of Removable Wallpaper

  • Advantages:
  • Removable wallpapers do not cause much damage to your wall.
  • No special removers or adhesives are required for its use.
  • A time-saving solution while trying to cover up your existing walls or imparting a makeover to your house.
  • An inexpensive choice that has led to its mass acceptance amongst both homeowners and renters.
  • The multipurpose nature of the removable wallpapers opens up greater areas of application like adding hues to a monochrome wardrobe, covering your furniture, and many more.
  • Disadvantages
  • Wallpaper adhesive is designed to detach from being pulled. As a result, the wallpaper might peel off the wall if something pulls on it or rubs against it.
  • Might not guarantee very good results if the wallpaper is applied over a cracked or uneven surface.

How To Choose A Removable Wallpaper?

  • Go for a wallpaper that blends in with your persona style. Here you can scan through different prints and patterns for spicing up your space. Be it warm, playful, or serene, you can easily find a removable wallpaper to fit your needs.
  • While these wallpapers come in a variety of bold and vibrant styles, you can use them for extending your existing home aesthetics. By simply taking a look around your house you can decide on the patterns which shall be in sync with the tone.
  • Both natural and installed light sources need to be accounted for while searching for the perfect removable wallpaper. The right kind of light can reflect the details and depth of your wallpaper in the best possible manner.
  • Different wallpapers might react in different ways to ambient humidity and thus you need to consider your room’s purpose and the place you reside in before selecting the wallpaper. The humidity check is particularly recommended if you are thinking of applying the removable wallpaper in your bathroom where you might run the hot water now and then.

Final Words

The first thought which crosses our mind while discussing home renovation is changing the furniture pieces. We hardly give in much consideration to the floors and the walls. However, did you know that walls occupy a major share of your house and can have a big role to play in your home renovation project! The wall décor industry has gained massive popularity lately as more and more designers have joined this field for coming up with contemporary designs which can spruce up the look of your rooms in no time.

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