A checklist to declutter your Las Vegas home

If the time has come to give your Las Vegas home an update, or to sell it, then before you do anything else, you’ll want to follow the advice of real estate agents and start with decluttering. It may not be a fun project to think about but it is definitely a necessary one. Decluttering is no easy task for some people and that’s why there are professionals who make a living out of helping people downsize their lives. If you want to take on this task yourself for your Las Vegas home there is a checklist that can help you get the job done more easily. With this list you will be well on your way for a streamlined home in no time.

Make a list

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by decluttering and one of the best ways to make the project more manageable is by creating a list of the areas of your home that you need to focus on. You may not need to work through every room and knowing where you need to put your attention can help you get started. Closets, rooms, garages, or drawers can all be on the list. By ranking the list according to difficulty this can help you figure out which areas might take the most time to get through. If you need to sell your home fast, making a list can help you fasttrack your decluttering project.

Start small

It might seem tempting to start with the biggest part of the project first, but if you have anxiety about decluttering, then starting small can help you get going. For example, you can start with a drawer, or a closet and then move on to larger areas. Starting small can help you see how easy decluttering can be and build up some momentum.

Work room by room

When you are decluttering, it’s important to stay focused. Working room by room can help you keep the mess that may be created by cluttering, contained. It can be helpful to start with a room that you aren’t using regularly, or a room that you need to turn into something else — for example, cleaning up a room that has become a storage area, to be a home office.

Remember keep, donate, toss, later

One aspect of decluttering that people can get hung up on is deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. That is where sorting can help. When you are decluttering, you can have different bags or boxes for “keep, donate, toss, and later.” By quickly sorting items, you can avoid getting hung up on whether or not you should keep something. The later box can go back in storage to be sorted later, but the main idea is to get through the bulk of your items.

Follow the KonMari method

The famous professional organizer Marie Kondo made a name for herself by creating a method for sorting through people’s stuff. Two of her main ideas are to only keep items that “spark joy” and to sort through like items, together. For example you can bring all of your sweaters out of your closet and then keep only those that you truly cherish and fit you. This will help you appreciate the items you have and get rid of the ones that you never use and are just taking up space.

Decluttering your Las Vegas home will be a project but you can get through it more quickly by following a checklist approach.

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