A Best-Friend Village of Tiny Homes

There are so many ways people are creatively using tiny homes. One of the most popular up-and-coming trends in the building of tiny home villages. Most often when people hear the word tiny home village, they think of housing given to those that are struggling to make ends meet to pay for housing on their own. Today tiny home villages are being built not just for this purpose but to bring other groups of people together as well.

For example, a group of four couples in Texas decided that even the grind of suburban life was too hectic and getting in the way of what they really wanted to focus on the most, which was friends and family. This group of friends built a series of tiny homes along the Llano River in Texas. They wanted a means of being able to cultivate their 20 years of close friendship as their families grew up.

Though all of these friends lived in the same town they just felt that life was too scattered and hectic and that living a daily routine of life, as usual, was getting in the way of them being able to spend time with one another and continue to cultivate lifelong friendships.

They came together and began talking over how the tiny house movement gave people the ability to live with more financial and time freedoms. It was a way to help people live life on their own terms. This thinking led to the creation of what they call “Bestie Row.”

All About “Bestie Row” on the Llano River in Texas

The friends hired the help of architect Matt Garcia to plan their dream lifestyle of growing old together and spending more time in friendship. Every morning the group of friends is able to wake up and have coffee together overlooking the gorgeous scenery of the river.

The homeowners describe their new community as their “Llano Exit Strategy” which refers to their getting away from a modern society full of over-crammed schedules and unneeded stress. Each home on Bestie Row is 400 ft.² in size and costs $40,000 to build.

This tiny home village also has a 1500 square-foot community compound to allow all families to hang out together in the same space for fun activities like barbecues or even an area to use the space for a party when other friends and family come to visit.

Each building in the tiny home village is built with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind. The homes are built with galvanized metal siding to reduce the impact of the scorching heat of a Texas summer. There are catchment tanks for runoff roof water to make the best use of every resource they have.

This is just another way that tiny homes have become more popular and desirable in the real estate world. Tiny home villages are no longer just a means of housing those that are less fortunate or struggling during a period of their life. It is a creative means of being able to truly begin a lifestyle that you have always dreamt about.

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