5 common door and window problems

Windows and doors are delicate features of your home, offices, or any building you live or stay in. They can help control exposure to the weather by keeping cold out or allowing natural air to flow properly. However, this would not be possible if your windows and doors begin to develop certain problems. Here are some of the common problems and their solutions.

1. Faulty Windows

If your windows won’t stay open or open up at all, you may need to tweak or replace the existing hardware. Check the stash system for hung windows that open up and down. The majority of sash support systems are covered under the sides of the window. Examine the sash support system to check whether it’s the source of your window falling or sticking. The solution for windows that cranks open could be as simple as replacing your window operator.

2. Drafty Windows

As seasons change, leaks in your window frames become more visible. Replacing worn-out window weather-stripping could be a simple way to close these gaps and save money on electricity. The weather-stripping on your window sash is situated around the perimeter. When shopping for replacement possibilities, keep in mind that it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

3. Sticky doors

Sticky doors are mostly caused by clogged hinges or a foundation problem. Start with the simplest solutions when troubleshooting a stuck door. Try cleaning the hinges first. If that doesn’t work, examine the door jamb to see if you need to make adjustments. This can be accomplished by driving a long screw through the latch and into the door frame.

4. Broken or foggy window glass

Foggy window frame glass could mean that the insulated seal has broken, and the insulated glass unit must be replaced. The glass in your window frame can also be changed if it is shattered. Remove your window sash and take it to a nearby glass or hardware store for repair.

5. Drafty doors

A drafty door has a significant impact on your energy expenses because you’ll be using your cooling and heating system more frequently to assist maintain the temperature inside your home. To fix this, determine where the drafts are coming from. This is usually caused by worn-out weather-stripping or a door that does not close flush against the frame.

Always remain observant to notice changes or damages on your windows and doors so you can catch these problems before they get worse.

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