4 Types of Asphalt Shingles for Your Next Roof Replacement Project

Installing a quality roof in your home enhances your safety by keeping intruders at bay. It also enhances the look and appeal of your home and raises its resale value. We can’t talk of roofing without mentioning asphalt shingles; they are timeless and make perfect roofing choices. Whether you want to replace or install a new roof, your asphalt options are endless.  Again, the Roofing Maryland team can help choose suits your needs, and isnatll your roof professionally.

Check out the distinct types of asphalt shingles for your project:

1.Three-Tab Asphalt Shingles

Three-tab asphalt shingles are the most popular shingles in the US. They come in various colors and patterns and are affordable, lightweight, and simple to install. Three-tab shingles are a long-lasting and affordable alternative with a 20 to 30-year lifespan. Therefore, if undertaking a home upgrade project on a budget, this type of shingle would be ideal. Three-tab shingles are also super resistant to strong winds.

2.Dimensional Asphalt Shingles

Dimensional asphalt shingles are also referred to as architectural or laminated shingles. They are a popular alternative for homeowners wanting a more textured, dimensional look for their roofs. They are created to resemble natural wood or slate and are composed of two or more layers of asphalt. They are unique for all rooms, including the guest room, and there are various reasons to choose them. Their benefits include;

  • Longevity,
  • Resistance to strong winds and impacts
  • Improving your home’s aesthetic appeal

Dimensional asphalt shingles are also highly durable and last longer than three-tab shingles. They boast a lifespan of 30 to 50 years, with the cost ranging from $100 to $200 per square. Moreover, they make perfect choices for many since they combine versatility, beauty, and toughness.

3.Luxury Asphalt Shingles

Luxury asphalt shingles are also commonly referred to as premium shingles. They are a high-end choice for homeowners who fancy the look of natural materials like slate, wood, or tile without spending much. They feature multiple layers of asphalt, and for increased longevity, they frequently include extra layers of fiberglass or other materials.

Luxury shingles offer numerous benefits, such as;

  • Extraordinary longevity
  • Resilience to strong winds and impacts
  • Ability to imitate the look of costly materials

With an average lifespan of about 50 years, they last longer than other varieties of asphalt shingles but are pricey.

Luxury shingles are an excellent option for a roofing material that provides aesthetic appeal and durability. They come in various designs and colors, allowing you to pick one that matches your aesthetic needs.

4.Impact-Resistant Asphalt Shingles

Impact-resistant asphalt shingles are a fantastic option for areas prone to heavy rains and hailstorms. They are the best roofing shingles on the market and feature various asphalt layers for enhanced strength. Impact-resistant shingles withstand strong winds, hail, and other forms of harsh weather. They shield your house from the considerable damage associated with extreme weather.

Why Need For Professional Installation Services?

Safety: Qualified installers are trained to use roofing supplies and machinery. This reduces the possibility of mishaps and injuries.

Quality Workmanship: A professional installer will offer quality workmanship, guaranteeing that your roof is installed professionally.

Saves time and stress: A professional installer possesses the proper tools and equipment and will likely complete the project faster than a DIY installation.

Roofing shingles are cost-effective roofing options for any home. You will get them in various colors and styles and should choose what suits your budget and aesthetic needs. Also, know the cost of asphalt shingles per sq ft and hire professional roofers.

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